Friday, July 9, 2010

Customer Process Management? Never heard of it....

Customer Process Management is a new perspective in the way how companies can manage and optimize their customer contact processes. The CPM domain reaches deep into backoffice applications and extend across departments, supporting constant change and business agility.

CPM is the convergence of Customer Relationship Management and Business Process Management. While BPM is a holistic management approach focused on aligning all aspects of an organization with the wants and needs of clients, and CRM is a widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects, CPM is a management strategy focused on optimizing complex customer contact processes.

Customer contact processes are subject to constantly changing conditions. Organizations will have to adjust to it, or they will face extinction in the long run. Resulting in an increase in the Cost to Serve while profit margins are under pressure due to fearse competition, changing regulations or the simple fact that customers prefer pay less better than more. It's a hard job.

By centralizing customer contacts and the following processes and build the organization around it, new opportunities arise. And that is exactly what CPM does.

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