Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pixar the great movie company, You the great customer service company

A lot of people may have heard about Pixar. The animation movie company, owned by Disney Corporation after Steve Jobs swapped his Pixar shares and became a major shareholder in Disney. Probably more people have heard of movies like Toy Story, Cars and WALL-E. How is it possible, for a relatively small and young company, to produce blockbuster movies? Pixar creates just one animation movie per year and brings a smile on the faces of millions of people. And not only kids!

How does Pixar do that and what can You do with it? After all this is a blog about customer process management, so what's the value of this cross-industry perspective? Well to start with, everybody at Pixar Studios has a passion for animated technology, but they also understand what the customer wants and they deeply wish to exceed those expectations. They know customers want to be entertained, surprised and hold on to a good feeling about the movie. So they create the weirdest things, such as a rat who wants to be a cook, a fish that can't be found and talking cars.

What about You, the great customer service company? You know what customers want. They want to be listened to, their questions being properly answered, their complaints being solved effectively and they want it quickly, in one phone call and in one time right. Have You ever met a customer who really wanted to keep telling the same thing over and over again to a lot of reps and not find answers? Don't think so.

The similarity between Pixar and You is the customer focus. Exceed customers' expectations and you shall be rewarded. Customers want First Time Resolution, they want to tell their story one time and they don't want to spend a lot of time on the phone. They want the certainty, that after they contacted You, their matters are in good hands.

Maybe there is some work to do, but it is worth the effort. Happy customers spend more money and they can spread the word that Your customer service is outstanding. They can recommend You to friends and family. Just like they will do after having seen the latest Pixar movie. It's time to bring a smile on customers' faces!

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