Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Time Right

Customer Process Management focusses at customer contact processes and the continuous improvement of internal processes. As a result customer satisfaction, productivity and profit will increase. One of the indicators that will improve is First Time Right ratio.

In a CPM environment customer contact employees, or CSRs, have acces to the most relevant customer data and customer contact history during the customer contact process. So a CSR is able to instantly see, what the customer is buying and what not, how he or she pays the bills, how many complaints he or she files, what have been communicated, by other CSRs or other people from the organization and so on. The CPM software integrally presents all relevant customer data to the CSR.

In addition, for each customer contact a procedure has been defined. This procedure prevents a lot of errors and contributes significantly to First Time Right. The availability of relevant customer information has a lot more advantages. For exemple, productivity increases and Average Handling Time decreases. One can handle more customer contacts in a shorter time frame because the CSR does not have to ask all kinds of questions identifying a customer before correctly servicing him. The info is already there!

So CPM reduces the number of errors significantly, by making available all relevant customer data at the point where it mathers most: the moment of customer contact. First Time Right, sounds great doesn't it? But there is more. In a CPM environment predefined procedures and workflow management ensure that a customer is being served before, during and after the moment of contact. Customers really do like that.

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