Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Increase your sales results

Customer Process Management (CPM) is focussed at customer contact processes and the continuous improvement of internal customer processes. CPM results in an increase in customer satisfaction, productivity and operating profits. Unique marketing and sales opportunities arise by making available all relevant customer information to customer contact employees.

The quality of the moment of contact increases when the customer service representative (CSR) has all relevant customer information to his disposal. A CSR needs only a brief moment of customer identification before he can fully focus on the actual event: customer service. Making available relevant customer information has other huge advantages: First Time Resolution increases and sales opportunities arise because of the possibilities of cross, deep, and up-selling actions.

The customer contact center transforms from a cost center into a profit center. A hypothetical example: suppose an organization handles 200,000 customer contacts per year. These customers represent an annual value of € 500, - per customer. Now, during the contact event the CSR makes the customer an offer he can't refuse; for an amount of € 100, - extra per year, the customer will receive more services, let's say; flat fee mobile internet on his current mobile phone supscription. Suppose only 10% of the customers will accept the proposition, it will result in an extra € 2.000.000, - turnover.

The DNA of a customer contact center does not necessarily have to change into a sales channel. It can always remain a service center. But propositions can be made during a moment of customer contact. Because of the availability of relevant customer information, integrally presented, the CSR is able to serve and sell in one call.

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