Thursday, July 22, 2010

Increase your profitability

Customer Process Management is aimed at continuously improving customer contact processes and the internal processes which follow as a consequence. Its goal is to increase customer satisfaction, productivity and operating profits. By making available all relevant customer information, to customer contact employees or CSR, organizations can achieve these goals.

During the customer contact process, the customer contact employee needs to have access to most relevant customer data. This employee should just have to take a look on his or her computer screen to know what the customer is buying and what not. When the customer is contacting the organization for example to pass on a change of address, an interesting offer can be made during that moment of contact. After the CSR has processed the change of address, the service call can be turned into a profitable one. The chances of success are much higher than a mass marketing campaign.

CRM also boost profitablity in terms of productivity. Productivity increases, when employees have relevant customer information. So they do not have to ask all kinds of questions in order to identify a client. So one CSR can handle more customer contacts per hour. Thus the Average Handling Time decreases. And that is an interesting fact.

The above provides another important benefit for both employees and customers. The First Time Right ratio increases significantly. The availability of all relevant customer data, defined procedures and predefined communicative expressions, such as sorry notes and confirmation mails, will make it happen. Errors will occur significantly less. And that will implove customer satisfaction.

An increase in the First Time Right ratio also has a positive effect on employees. The things they have to do are much easier. When they have access to all necessary information, they don't need to ask the same type of questions each time to identify and to serve a client well. It also reduces the number of errors, so employees do not need to solve them and they can spend their time to the actual contact itself.

Customer Process Management software reduces the cost of software licenses. This contributes directly to the operating result. But we will talk about that some other time.

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